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We exist to achieve hauora, by being distinctively māori

Equity is not our goal. Rather, it is an important means to our goal – hauora, in its fullest meaning as the mana of whānau. We are focused on everything that impacts this, as a stronger Aotearoa will be achieved through hauora Māori.

Aotearoa is founded on the core principles of equity and fairness. When it comes to hauora Māori, however, these principles have not been applied. Health inequities have been well documented and acknowledged through multiple sources, including the Waitangi Tribunal’s Hauora: Report on Stage One of the Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry. These inequities create a significant health burden for Māori and an unnecessary tax burden for all New Zealanders. Achieving hauora will deliver Aotearoa significant benefits. We recognise that to achieve meaningful change, we must address the multiple social determinants of hauora.

We are in a privileged position to influence system change that significantly reduces health inequities. An important pathway for this is building an evidence base for pro-equity approaches and we seek to do this by collaborating with external health researchers on innovative research.

We have engaged in a formal process to review and collaborate with health researchers whose initiatives innovate to reduce inequities, centre around mana whānau, whānau ora and align with our NHC Core Values.

Interested in collaborating with us on your research project?

Thank you for your research interest. Please be informed that National Hauora Coalition is at full capacity regarding research collaboration, partnership and provision. We are putting a hold on reviewing and accepting any new research proposals and requests from 1 May 2021. Please check back if you would like to collaborate in the future.

If you submitted research prior to 1 May 2021, please email the research team on

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