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Take the Mana Taurite pledge

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Mana Taurite pledge

He kupu taurangi mō te mana taurite

Mana Taurite Pledge

This year for Te Rā o Waitangi (Waitangi Day), National Hauora Coalition (NHC) is launching the Mana Taurite Pledge: He kupu taurangi mō te mana taurite. We’re calling on individuals and organisations across the motu to commit to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi and taking transformative action to realise equity for Māori in Aotearoa.

What is the Mana Taurite Pledge?

The Mana Taurite Pledge is a commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and to equity for Māori – now and for future generations.

By taking the Pledge, you agree to challenge the status quo, demonstrate authentic partnership and act boldly to address racism and colonialism. You commit to ensuring that Aotearoa values and protects the indigenous population and to disrupting unjust policies, structures and processes. You commit to taking action to help create an Aotearoa where honouring Te Tiriti is no longer a radical act.

Pro-equity action exists on a continuum. Action may consist of learning about the history of this country, reviewing your own hiring policies or supporting the ongoing call for Tiriti-based constitutional reform.

In taking the Pledge you become part of a movement and an ongoing dialogue. In doing this, you acknowledge that committing to equity is more than a tick-box exercise. It is enduring.

Why are we launching the Mana Taurite Pledge?

February 6, 2022, marks 182 years since the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Since 1840 the actions of the Crown have fallen far short of delivering on its promises.
The ramifications of colonisation have been deep and far-reaching for iwi, hapū and whānau Māori. Racism and inequities are well-evidenced and remain stubbornly entrenched across all systems of government and sectors of society – from education, justice and housing, to media, business, health and the government’s Covid-19 response. These inequities are evidence of a failure to honour Te Tiriti. These inequities are unjust and have a corrosive impact on the fabric of our society.

Te Rā o Waitangi presents an opportunity to talk about the gulf that remains between the Crown’s obligations to Māori and what has been realised, articulate aspirations for a Tiriti-based future and call for meaningful change. This change won’t happen on its own. It requires concerted, co-ordinated, and sustained effort.

2040 will mark 200 years since the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. In 2040 we want to be celebrating our success in bringing about an equitable, Tiriti-based Aotearoa. Committing to the Mana Taurite Pledge strengthens the movement and keeps the kōrero going.

Who can take the Mana Taurite Pledge?

Anyone can take the Mana Taurite Pledge. We all have a part to play in shaping an equitable, Tiriti-based future. We are calling on those who are already at the table to help us by endorsing this pledge and those who haven’t yet taken a seat to pull up a chair.

Many New Zealanders will feel uncomfortable thinking about our country as anything other than fair and just. However, there is no argument for inequities to exist. It’s time to be brave and help hold the baton.

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Take the Mana Taurite pledge

This year for Te Rā o Waitangi, make a pledge to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and commit to an equitable Aotearoa for Māori – not once a year, but every day.

Please fill out the form below. You can pledge as an individual, or as an organisation.

When you take the Mana Taurite Pledge, you will be joining a network of like-minded individuals and organisations. We recognise that everyone will be at different stages on their journey. To support learning and action we will distribute correspondence from time-to-time.

Co-signers of the pledge

Ngā mihi nui ki ēnei hinonga – we thank the following organisations and individuals for signing the Mana Taurite pledge.

National Hauora Coalition

The Treehouse Creative

Digital Indigenous

Edward Pattinson

William Elliot

Violet George-Hickin

Te Arani Riwai

Moana Manu

Natalie Nair

Dylan Shen

Rawiri McKree Jansen

Catherine Turner

Teara Gillman

Jess Morgan-French

Marion Hakaraia

Moana Pera Tane

Te Hā Oranga

Shannon Leilua

Elizabeth Johnson

Benjamin van der Nest

Rachel Te Karu

Lydia Batson

Phil Light

Belinda Loring

Te Tohu Paetahi Tikanga Rangatira aa Tapuhi



Helmut Karewa Modlik

Tiffany Soloai

Ali Ahu

Denise Naera

Penny Elliot

Kellie Rogers

Melaney Tkatch

Christopher Reid

Suzanne Woodward

Elana Tkatch

Melanie Keen

Priyendran Naidoo

Grant Brookes

Carlton Irving

Tamah Clapham

Ōrākei Health – NWO Whai Māia Ltd

Bevin Hira

Rose Black


Alan Perrott

Michelle Liuvaie

Renee Eaton

Dr Ainsleigh Cribb-Su’a

Zyra Belle Jann Cabigon- Parado

Hayley Mills





Michelle Leuluai

Miri Hohepa

Jadene Wheeler

Clarissa Beukes

Christine Karu

Steven Renata (Kiwa Digital)

Rachel Webb

Kathryn Jansen

Melanie Miller

Simon Royal

Jade Thompson

Mark Lawrence

Kath Read

Kate Nicoll

Karyn Borman

Fran Botica

Parehuia Bishop

Cambridge Family Health

Tammy Dehar

Matt Barnett

Alamani Mataupu

Tokoroa Family Health

Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira

Krish Knott

Felicity Palmer