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Our capabilities

Our uniqueness lies in our capabilities – our skill in connecting data, design and deployment. This enables us to turn insights into actions into outcomes. 

Our programmes and initiatives are Māori-led, for Māori, available to all.


Using insights to drive equitable outcomes

Insights at National Hauora Coalition are supported by our innovative Mōhio Information Platform. Offering a suite of tools to general practices and primary health organisations, Mōhio endorses prioritisation of Māori and high-needs patients and promotes interagency and cross-sector collaboration. Acting as an ecosystem, each tool works to relay pinpointed accurate data in real-time and generates actionable intelligence. With Mōhio at hand, NHC can effectively target resources and design programmes, helping to drive equitable outcomes for whānau and hāpori Māori.

Our insights are also supported by research that is te Tiriti o Waitangi centred, ethical, transformational and aligns with the principles of Māori data sovereignty. We believe that programmes and initiatives that are nuanced and grounded in evidence and lived experience contribute to better outcomes and quality improvement. We are continuing to expand and strengthen our capabilities in these areas.


Designing interventions informed by insights

National Hauora Coalition’s Service Design and Development team supports the design and application of new programmes and initiatives. Established in 2017, the team supplies research services that assist in winning bids and assessing the value of interventions.

Service Design and Development also leads the development of funded services for whānau and hapori Māori that are informed by insights, bringing innovation and greater effectiveness to health and social programmes. This is all underpinned by a whānau-centred approach to addressing the broader social determinants of health, in turn supporting positive health and social outcomes.


Deploying interventions which have been designed with whānau outcomes at their centre. 

Deployment is undertaken by our Primary Health Network, Service Design and Development and Service Delivery teams.

NHC’s Primary Health Network provides a whānau centred approach to hauora, supporting the delivery of a primary health organisation and general practice based clinical services which cover five district health board areas. Among other activities, the Primary Health Network coordinates integrated primary mental health services, podiatry networks and a long-term conditions programme called Tiakina te Tangata in the Waikato rohe.

We have deep experience in commissioning networks of providers to deliver programmes – programmes like Te Wā Kōrero and Mana Tū. Our Service Delivery team works with a wide range of community providers to deliver health and social service programmes that improve outcomes for whānau.

Leading the development of and bringing innovation to new funded services is our Service Design and Development team.

Our mahi by location

The programmes and interventions we deliver and general practices in our network are an integral part of realising our vision: mana whānau, whānau ora – prosperous families, living well.

Click on the regions in the interactive map below to explore where we focus our mahi.

What difference are we making for whānau?

We have strong clinical, economic and qualitative evidence which demonstrate the positive outcomes our mahi is achieving

One example comes from our Mana Tū programme for whānau living with type II diabetes. In 2018, the programme saw an average HbA1c decrease of 5mmol/mol three months into the programme. Achieving lower HbA1c is associated with a range of significant health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart failure.