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By joining us, you will be partnering with the largest Māori-led PHO in Aotearoa

Ko wai mātou?

Who are we?

National Hauora Coalition is Aotearoa’s largest Māori-led Primary Health Organisation (PHO).

We began operating as a PHO in 2011, formed when a group of dedicated Māori service providers came together to pursue a vision focused on the health and wellbeing of their communities. Built on the belief they could achieve more by standing together than by acting alone, National Hauora Coalition was born.

Our primary health network now spans across five district health boards. This equates to more than 237,000 enrolled patients, 42,000 of whom are whānau Māori. The purpose of our primary health network is to provide a pro-equity, whānau-centred approach to patient hauora. This drives a consistent focus on ensuring the provision of equitable care for whānau. We collaborate with general practices, DHBs, social services and communities to drive better health and social outcomes.

At National Hauora Coalition, each general practice is allocated a practice support team to work alongside them. The team is made up of a practice support facilitator and a practice support nurse. They are our practices’ first point of contact. The primary health network provider support team provides general practices with resources and tools they can utilise to manage and streamline their work and ensure optimal care is achieved for their patients. This includes our innovative Mōhio technology, specifically designed to support general practices and PHOs. Our approach is grounded in partnership, and we believe that by building a cooperative relationship we will gain better health outcomes for whānau.

Interested in joining National Hauora Coalition PHO?

Our focus is on Māori and high-needs populations, but we can support and fund all general practices from those serving very high-needs to those serving mainstream populations.

If you own or are thinking of opening a general practice we’d love to discuss the various options with you. Our current practices are a mix of Māori, Pacific, GP, corporate and community owned practices. We provide a transparent funding model and have a range of support options we can tailor to your practice.

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