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Our research approach

All research undertaken by National Hauora Coalition and in collaboration with National Hauora Coalition must undergo a rigorous internal review process. This ensures high quality, ethical, equitable, transformative outcomes for whānau.

Kaupapa Māori informed health research

Kaupapa Māori theory informs the basis of NHC health research. Our research is led by Māori or partnered with Māori and creates benefits to Māori health and wellbeing. Our moemoeā (vision) mana whānau, whānau ora and a strong commitment to te Tiriti o Waitangi are foundational to our research kaupapa.

Interested in collaborating with us?

If you are interested in collaborating with National Hauora Coalition, these pātai will guide you in your decision to submit a research application with us.

  1. Does National Hauora Coalition research approach align with the research I want to undertake?
  2. Will my research result in transformative health outcomes for whānau?
  3. Is my research equity focused?
  4. Does my research encapsulate te Tiriti o Waitangi articles?
  5. Is my research aligned with principles of Kaupapa Māori theory?
  6. Do I have the available capacity and resourcing for research so as not to burden National Hauora Coalition staff and processes?
  7. Do I have the time to undertake a robust review process before implementing my research?
  8. Am I willing to be accountable to National Hauora Coalition governance and Māori sovereignty processes?

Answered “āe” to the above?  It sounds like your research could be in alignment with our principles and values. For next steps, please see our research collaboration guidelines.

Research collaboration guidelines

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