Mōhio solutions support effective care

Mōhio is a proven clinical information platform for general practice and primary care organisations. It enables clinicians and clinics to do more. With a suite of integrated tools to support clinical outcomes, information collection, decision support, reporting and more.

If you are interested in finding out how Mōhio can provide solutions to help you and your clinic team, contact Jonathan Murray (jonathanm@nhc.maori.nz)

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MōhioExpress is a prompting system designed to integrate with the most popular Practice Management Systems (PMS). MōhioExpress prompts practice staff to complete health interventions that are best clinical practice, align to National Health Targets or to local DHB and PHO performance measures.

MōhioExpress is unique in that it is not delayed by sitting inside the PMS but it remains fully integrated with systems such as MedTech-32, MedTech Evolution and MyPractice, this gives it an amazing speed difference compared to traditional patient dashboard systems.

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ROcket M

RocketM is a data integration tool to extract, transform and report data. RocketM is based on the principals of having a live information available at the PHO level from data collected across a disperse network of differing PMS systems.

Health Target Example: RocketM will detect a GP entering a classification for Smoking Brief Advice into their Practice Management System (PMS); and within 10 minutes this will be visible to the Mōhio platform. This can support live reporting or dashboards showing National

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The Mōhio CVD form (click link to enlarge)


Mōhio has a range of 'out-of-the-box' electronic forms that support the workflow of clinicians. Each form is powered by a rule engine to ensure patient eligibility, control demand and budgets and apply clinical decision supporting. 

A great example of this is the Mōhio CVD and Diabetes form which is an externally validated MōhioForm designed to calculate the patients Framingham five year cardiovascular-disease (CVD) risk with New Zealand adjustments. The integrated Mōhio Risk Projection tool demonstrates modifiable risk factors directly to patients.

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