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Mōhio is our innovative technology designed to help General Practices and Primary Health Organisations.

Feedback from users tell us the Mōhio technology dramatically improves the way they do business. Furthermore Mōhio helps drive patient outcomes and entitlements. It strongly endorses the prioritization of Māori and high-needs patients and allows for a consistent approach across practices in regard to claiming, reporting and patient care.

Mōhio also provides real time feedback on performance against National Health Targets at practice and whole-PHO level.
We are proud to have developed our products in-house without any reliance on external vendors.

General practices use Mōhio products

live reports delivered to providers daily

+ whānau receiving care supported through Mōhio products every week

the mōhio SUITE OF APPS


Our suite of apps include MōhioExpress, MōhioForms, RocketM and Toi Whānau Health.  Learn more below about each of our innovative technology whānau and download the information sheets. 


prompting practice staff to complete best practice health interventions

MōhioExpress was developed in 2015 as a replacement of the MedTech Dashboard. The tool is vastly better in terms of speed and usability, and is now offered for non-clinical staff members to use.

Conveniently, the tool prompts General Practice staff to the eligibility of services for the patient sitting in front of them and identifies any gaps in the patient’s clinical and/or admin records. MōhioExpress also provides a quick way to access MōhioForms and other electronic tools.

Designed to integrate with most Practice Management Systems (PMS), MōhioExpress encourages practice staff to complete health interventions that are best-practice. Additionally it aligns to National Health Targets, or to local DHB and PHO performance measures.

Download the information sheet


direct budget management for General practise

MōhioForms launched in 2013 and was developed to support our Flexible Funding Pool. The idea behind MōhioForms is to give General Practices the ability to manage their own budgets and determine patient eligibility, directly at the point of care with the patient.

A range of ‘out-of-the-box’ electronic forms support the workflow and decisions of clinicians.

A great example of this is the Mōhio CVD and Diabetes form which is designed to calculate the patients Framingham five year cardiovascular-disease (CVD) risk with New Zealand adjustments. The integrated Mōhio Risk Projection tool demonstrates modifiable risk factors directly to patients.

Download the information sheet


reducing reporting for general practises

RocketM kicked off in 2014 and was developed to reduce the burden of reporting for General Practices.

The benefits of RocketM happen in the background without users having to do anything manually. hence there is no need to run queries or wait for results overnight. Running continuously on a GPs server, RocketM allows for automatic and instant transfer of information from General Practice to PHO.

As an example, RocketM will detect a GP entering a classification for Smoking Brief Advice into their Practice Management System (PMS) then within 10 minutes this will be visible to the Mōhio platform.

Download the information sheet

Toi Whānau Health

a health management mobile app for whānau

This innovative mobile app launched in 2018 for patients. Designed for whānau, patients are given a user-friendly digital platform to manage their own family’s health care in a convenient and secure manner.

Key features include the ability for the patient to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and access medical records. The NHC took the opportunity to develop this initiative ourselves as no other patient portals supported Māori (or other common languages used by high-needs patients). The methods for allowing access for multiple whānau members was very poor, so we are proud of the work we are doing to prioritise this issue.

Toi Whānau Health is currently supported in the following languages; Te Reo Māori, Chinese, Samoan, Tonga, Fijian, Cook Island Māori).

Keen to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out how Mōhio can provide solutions to help your team,
CONTACT US or book a live demonstration.

Further info can be found at www.mohio.nz

Keen to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out how Mōhio can provide solutions to help your team,
CONTACT US or book a live demonstration.

Further info can be found at www.mohio.nz

what people are saying about Mōhio technology

“The whole Mōhio system has really enabled our staff to become more efficient and provide more effective care to our patients. Because of this, we’ve seen a positive increase in all of our business indicators. It’s fast, stable, reliable and innovative. We no longer need four or five different systems, we now just use one. I can’t recommend the Mōhio system enough.”

Barbara Stevens, Chief Executive Auckland PHO

“Our PHO has seen a dramatic change in the way we process and analyse our data thanks to the Mõhio System. We’re able to complete our reporting in half the time of what we used to before. Our claiming has been made so much easier due to MōhioForms and MōhioReports. We’ve stepped up multiple levels in terms of efficiencies and time saving.”

Dr Charles Sanders, Owner/GP, The Doctors, New Lynn