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Mana Kidz is a successful nurse led, school health programme addressing important health issues for eligible tamariki.

There is no other programme in Aotearoa like Mana Kidz and it has achieved many positive outcomes. A good example is a significant reduction (more than 60%) in the number of children developing acute rheumatic fever. Children are in hospital less and are generally in better health. Schools are reporting improved attendance and children are more engaged in their education.

Reaching children in primary and intermediate schools in South Auckland, Mana Kidz provides care to more than 34,000 children, across 88 schools.

Our role at the NHC is to support and lead a network of dedicated primary care and community health providers as they roll out Mana Kidz.  See the Mana Kidz case study.

 Kura kai ora

Kura Kai Ora is a collaboration between the NHC, Turuki Health, Toi Tangata and Ko Awatea, CMDHB. It aims to improve tamariki connectedness to healthy kai and provide nutritional messages that are responsive to Māori worldviews.

The project was a co-design with the tamariki of Te Kura Kaupapa A Rohe O Mangere, who developed five kai ora messages using Māori mātauranga – Atua, tīpuna, whakapapa and mauri to promote healthy eating. Kura Kai Ora resources, such as the video below will be used for health promotion purposes in schools within our Mana Kidz network in South Auckland.