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Celebrating in a time of pandemic

In a “yellowish alert level,” keep your greetings to air kisses and elbow bumps, and don’t forget to wash your hands Being a far from conventional year, it was appropriate for National Hauora Coalition to throw a far from conventional awards ceremony. The PHO had been...

PHO’s ambition stretches past horizon of new Hamilton office

Welcoming 17 Waikato practices to their adopted PHO's new central Hamilton offices is not just a celebration but a harbinger of wider plans for the National Hauora Coalition. On Thursday, chief executive Simon Royal and several key PHO leaders invited GPs and practice...

NHC welcomes 17 new Waikato practices to it’s network.

The National Hauora Coalition (NHC) faces a busy month as it prepares to welcome it’s 17 new Waikato practices on 1st October 2019, establish its Waikato office and launch its new local Tiakina te Tangata mobile Long Term Conditions service.